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The airfoils can be used by every private person. A commercial use is restricted by the designers copyright, Please contact the designer. They are free of charges for modellers.
 Profildatenbank Die untenstehenden Profile sind *.dat und *.cor.
Diese Profile sind in der UIUC Airfoil Data Site nicht enthalten and are into the  "Free Pack Airfoils"
+ For other airfoils files, consult the "Free Pack Airfoils".

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  Autor designer Aktualisierung
A Abrial, Akamodell, Ashok, Az, A andere  02/06/2021
B B andere  
C Ch.Baron, C andere  
D Dirk Pflug, Mark Drela, Delft University, DS airfoil(Joe WURTS) 02/06/2021
E Eiffel, Eppler, EH by John Yost 17/03/2018
F R Fraser, Franck AGUERRE 27/08/2017
H Hannes Delago, HL B.Horeni et J.Lnenka,Hans Meyer, Hammarskiöld-Mattias, Norbert Habe, Horten,Helmut Quabeck, Hartmut Siegmann, H andere   *01/06/2022
I I - I.S.A  04/03/2018
J Jedelsky, JWL  
M Marcel Guwang, Matthieu Scherrer, Martin Hepperle, E. Molfino, Midic Slobodan* *27/10/2023
N NACA (Verwirklichen Sie Ihre Naca-Profile), NM, MVR et NMR (Nicolas Mathis+Marco Virgilio Ricci)  
P P andere, Peter Wick  
R Ralf Kornmann, Ritz, Rhode St. Genese, Reinhard Sielemann, R andere  11/12/2017
S Serge Barth, Sergey Sobakin, Stéphane Combet, S andere  *22/09/2021
T Thierry Platon, Gerald Taylor, T andere  08/01/2018
U U andere  
Z Zagi, Zone series  

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