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Dirk Pflug 12 Airfoils(21 Ko)
DP1,68-8,37_DS 08.37% (27. Nov 2006) "The DP-DS-airfoils are made for extreme top speed DS-sessions (Re = 1.000.000 - 2.000.000. They start to run at a speed of 40 m/sec or more. They are thick so that it´s easier to build a rigid wing and dam fast. If you will use them for a normal F3B or F3F soarer you will be disappointed. The design has a much longer laminar flow than the DS-19 which is used by Brian McLean's Extreme. This should lead to a remarkable higher top DS-speed. The laminar bucket is for the most of the airfoils between Cl = 0.15 and 0.6 and therefore in the most used lift regions what concerns DS.
The airfoils can be used by every private person. A commercial use is restricted by the designers copyright. If a commercial use is desired or someone needs a different design for a different task please .
If you have build a soarer with one of these airfoils please contact me to tell me your flying impressions. If you are interested in a substantial support for a complete DS-soarer by my person or if you have any remarks to the airfoils please .
DP1,72-8,16_DS 08.16%  
DP1,77-8,23_DS 08.23%  
DP1,82-8,21_DS 08.21%  
DP1,87-9,07_DS 09.07%  
DP 1.89/7.83 07.83%  
DP2,00-8,55_DS 08.55%  
DP2,05-8,65_DS 08.65%  
DP2,06-8,67_DS 08.67%  
DP2,47-9,48_DS 09.48%  
DP1,79-8,37_DS 08.37%
(1 dec 2006) - I got several requests for airfoils which are suitet for smaller ds planes (2m or 80") and a Reynoldnumber of 500.000-1.000.000. You can use the thicker one at the wing root and the thinner one at the wing tip, or from the middle of the wing up to the tip.
DP1,72-8,32_DS 08.31%  

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dd928416 08.40% Delft sailplane  
du8613725 13.70% for horizontal tail Y=0  
du06-w-200 31.00% airfoil for Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT)  

DS airfoils - Joe WURTS
ds19 08.50% "The 19 is meant for lighter conditions"  
ds21 08.06% "The 21 is closely related, still good for fairly light air, but a bit better straight line performance"