Software-Entwicklungen und Korrekturen

Alle registrierten Benutzer erhalten eine e-mail wenn Updates verfügbar sind. Aktualisierungen von TraCFoil sind frei und stehen auf meiner Web-Site in der Form einer Aktualisierungsdatei majtracfoilD.exe zur Verfügung.

disk Die gegenwärtig version : Version 4.12.10-D vom 08/08/2022

- Fix bug on Chord length if = 0
- Fix and add on help

Version : 4.12.09-D vom 29/07/2020

- Add new View menu / Show the chord line: allows the profile reference axis line to be plotted or not on the screen. Also works on DXF export.
Can also be used on menus: Compare 2 Airfoils, Modify Airfoil Thickness/Camber, Simple Draw, if the box is checked before the operation
- Fix and add on help

Version : 4.12.07-D vom 29/07/2019

- Fix some typo
- Fix and add on help

Version  : 4.12.02-D vom 10/12/2018

- Fix bug on the Generate full set of ribs
- Add information from txt file about Generate set of ribs variable spacing
- Add information from txt file about Generate full set of ribs
- Correction closing alert message on Holes setup and Spars setup

  Version :  Version 4.12.00-D vom 24/02/2018

 - Added security on the DXF export if the decimal separator is not the point.
 - Changing the language string on FileLng file
 - Fix and add on help

  Version : 4.11.18-D vom 28/10/2017

 - Change the width of the file selector in the "Escoger un Perfil" window,
 - Added on the help of the advice to install in a folder other than C: \Program Files or C: \Program Files (x86), in order to have free access to the files with "Windows File Explorer"

  Version :  Version 4.11.06-D vom 09/10/2016

 - Fix HTTP to HTTPS on Web site .

  Version :  V 4.11.04  25/04/2016

- Add check on unwanted spaces when copy and paste on liberation key.

  Version :  V 4.11.02  02/02/2016

- Fix typo on Web site
- Fix some typo.

Version :  V 4.11.0  06/11/2014

- Fixed input Rails circulars (thanks to Gilles)
- Update of Splash and About
- updated help (on the spars)

Version :  V 4.4.0  20/08/2012

- Fixed used date error from Windows 7  message "Erreur 6 depassement de capacité"

Version   :  V 4.2.0  15/03/2012
- Added an installation file tracfoil.lic because Windows 7 does not register sometimes ,
- Fixed the control file tracfoil.lic when reinstalling after formatting or réinstallationsur the same disk.

Version   :  V 4.1.0  14/12/2011
- Add Check Version with a link to
- Help modifications

Version   :  V 4.0.6  18/07/2011
- Added Version Check menu with a link to web page TraCFoil
- Change Help (FAQ page added)
- Added comment due to DXF

Version   :  V 4.0.4  09/03/2011
- Add the menu Utilities/ Windows Calculator
- Modification on check US date

Version   :  V 4.0.2  23/01/2011
- Fixed a bug when setting reduction (Error 380) 
- Fixed the last digit "intermediate ribs

Version   : V 4.0.0  13/01/2011
- Changing the registration system (Code / Key) NOT compatible with version 3.xx - ATTENTION -
* Send me the new software code using copy and paste (NOT screenshot!)
 * Register the software with the unlock key provided
 * TraCFoil then generates a file tracfoil.lic
 * Simply copy the file tracfoil.lic on a disk or other medium ... to treasure.
 - Added edit control input to uppercase + numbers for the key (authorized ABCDEF1234567890) *
 - Added a scroll bar for vertical movement
 - Change the text to print patterns in comparison
 - Error on re-display the heel
 - Fixed a bug on the upper heel height when the twist is zero

Version : 3.5.4 - 25/02/2010 (22/04/2010)
- Correction Windows bug Error #0 from TraCFoil default in Coordinate path (Vista and Windows 7 Only on some release Windows).

 Version : 3.5.3 - 27/12/2009
- Fixed a bug on the heel height extrados
- Fixed a bug on the heel height saved when the twisting is zero (Thanks Pascal)

 Version : 3.5.00 - 24/09/2009
- Small bugs correction
- Improved routine plot sheeting lines
- Improved help

Version ...

Die gegenwärtige : Version 1.00.00 - 30/11/2002 .
Release 1.4.00 dated 25 Sept 1999 - First English version in metric units
Version 1.1.05 31/08/1999 - Erste französische Version.