Laden Sie das neueste Update des Programms herunter

TraCFoil Versionen : Dieses Archiv enthält die TraCFoilD.EXE, und readmeD.txt. and Kernformerei Datei.

Detailed update on Windows with the detail in pictures, BUT in French only

  Die gegenwärtige Version : Version 4.12.00-D vom 24/02/2018

- Added security on the DXF export if the decimal separator is not the dot "." (point)
- Changing the language string on FileLng file
- Fix and add on help.

Download majtracfoilD.exe - 670 Ko

Starten Sie einfach die majtracfoilD.exe in ihrem Tracfoil Verzeichnis.
 Die alten Dateien werden überschrieben.

Download The "Free Pack Airfoils" Version 4.4.0 - 17/03/2018 - 760Ko

If your update is OK you are back on a registered version, and you must have this screen..
code OK

NOTE : After your upgrade, if you run in a demo version you must have these informations
If you run in a demo version, TraCFoil generated a new code, just ask me by sending me a new key, but send me the new code by copy-past (NO screenshot!) generated by TraCFoil.
To have a registered version again,
Copy the Software code (by copying and pasting (no screenshot!) of the dialog box of the TraCFoil Software installed on your computer, and send it to me.
the code should look like 45DF89A76A5F7D2D_TF_4.12.00-D

If you click on the "Tesversion" button you will get
You just have to ask for a new key by sending me on the new code.

I installed TraCFoil and I paid the license.Today I have to reinstall TraCFoil on my new PC, how to get the full version?