Features and functions available

You can use TraCFoil with :
 - Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x,  Windows 10, 11
 - distribution Linux with Wine
 - MacOS with Wine or  CrossOver or Parallels Deskop

TraCFoil uses the files available on the Web (files * .dat and * .cor).

With TraCFoil you can edit and print your ribs and airfoils templates from data, and :
  • Draw sheeting thickness, Leading Edge (V-notch square stock), Trailing Edge.
  • Build 12 spars rectangular or round (location in units or % from L.E or T.E, at position under airfoil, under sheeting, ... ).
  • Build 12 holes rectangular or round (location in units or % from L.E or T.E, ...).
  • Rib leveling heel.
  • Draw station lines and washout for template foam cutting.
  • Compare 2 airfoils.
  • Generate full set of ribs in straight taper, and save ribs on you disk.
  • Modify airfoil thickness and camber
  • Rib Oblique
  • Compute the dihedral.
  • Create new coordinates file. Print the airfoil with different colors and style.
  • Export the Airfoil on a DXF file.
  • Save and open the different airfoil components (spars, holes, L.E., T.E., template, ...).

English or metric units.
 When you run for the first time go the View menu, select Template defaults, in the frame Units, you can choose English unit.