The airfoils database for your constructions

  • The airfoils files are not supplied with the TraCFoil software, but are supplied separately.
  • Therefore download the Pack de profils separately on the download page.

Informations about aifoil file

they must comply with the following rules (see Airfoil Format)
The first line describes the airfoil.
The format is X Y :

line for














about the airfoil

Start - Trailing Edge

along top surface (Extrados)
towards Leading Edge

Leading Edge

along bottom surface (Intrados)
back towards Trailing

End - back to Trailing Edge

For top surface, Y is positive.
For bottom surface, Y is negative if it is under the reference line.
Between the x et y coordinates, the separator is at least one space
Each end of line is terminated by the Chr (10) -> UNIX system code.
This explains why, when you open a file of this type with NotePad,
the coordinates follow each other without returning to the line.

Note: *. COR or Coordinate Files use the same coding system
but each end of line is terminated by Chr (10) + Chr (13) -> PC system.
The comment line is usually placed at the end of the coordinates list.
Between the x and y coordinates, the separator is at least one space or a tabulation.

Be careful:
Do not enter 2 coordinates which follow the same values.
the X of the first line must be equal to 1.
the X of the last line must be equal to 1.

This type of file
Can only be opened by File /Open Airfoil file or the Airfoils button.
Can be created using by menu Create new Coordinates or by menu Utilities/Create new coordinates file
For other informations read the FAQ :  Do not confuse an airfoil file, a file rib component, a rib and a DXF file ?

To generate NACA airfoil coordinates: Creating and Saving NACA airfoils

It is also possible to download files from my web page Airfoils Data Base
image_airfoils These files are available for free for designers.
They are not based on data from the UIUC Airfoil Coordinate Database

The airfoils can be used by every private person. A commercial use is restricted by the designers copyright, Please contact the designer.


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