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tracplane With TraCFoil you can edit and print your ribs and airfoils templates from data, and :
- Draw sheeting thickness, Leading Edge (V-notch square stock), Trailing Edge.
- Build 12 spars rectangular or round (location in units or % from L.E or T.E, at position under airfoil, under sheeting, ... ).
- Compare 2 airfoils
- Save and open the different airfoil components (spars, holes, L.E., T.E., template, ...).

... and more ...

Corde moyenne A simple soft computing the mean aerodynamic chord on a multi panel wing, and locating the centre of lift.

Conversisseur Converter

Converter metric to imperial system and vice versa. It allows the use of the fractional Anglo-Saxon (1.1 / 4 2.3 / 8, etc..).

Version Freeware 1.0.02 (26 Ko)

séparateur SepdeciVb5

Can change the decimal symbol without going into the registry of Windows.

Click on ""Symbole --> POINT": the decimal will be "dot"
To Verify Click on "Symbole actuel ?".

Version Freeware (5 Ko)

CAUTION If you do not have TraCPlane.

All this Software Requires Msvbvm50.dll (Runtime VB 5).

To make NACA airfoils

Creating and Saving NACA airfoils

Other solution

NACALTE (123 Ko) English release © 1998 David Lednicer Modify byTraCPlane
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Naca DOS