Other Languages

The full release include the *.lng language

Français cTraCPlane.exe comprend Francais.lng
English cTraCPlaneE.exe include English.lng
Español cTraCPlaneH.exe contener Spanish.lng

disk Download Other Languages ...

You must download the full release and the language below

English English 7 Ko TraCPlane
Francais Francais 7 Ko TraCPlane
German (half translation sorry) German 7 Ko TraCPlane_Tanslation
Spanish Spanish 7 Ko


If you want to contribute but please write me. Translation is quite easy, some lines, containing a word up to a sentence. No special tools are needed, you can translate it using any text editor, like notepad that comes with Windows. (rename the file into a new "LanguageName.lng", translate it, test it.)